Thursday, March 21, 2013

[So, I kinda suck, I had this post ready for yesterday and went out, and didn't get back home till late. When I got in I went straight to bed, COMPLETELY forgetting to publish it. So here it is... with my amendments! haha!]

Oh yes, it's yesterday was World Poetry Day. Exciting hay? Well I think thought so!
I'm gonna share a poem with you, but also some awesome anthologies/collections that are so delicious you may LITERALLY sink your teeth in to them.

But first...
Here's a poem from an unknown Inuit poet. I live right by the sea, on an island, I love to swim and I love everything about the ocean... so, this moved me too.


The great sea stirs me.
The great sea sets me adrift,
it sways me like the weed
on a river-stone.

The sky's height stirs me.
The strong wind blows through my mind,
It carries me with it,
so I shake with joy.

(Inuit Poem)

And now for something completely different...

Here they are - for your viewing pleasure! Eight awesome poetry collections from around the world (oh and sorry... two are from Britain).

Do you have a favourite poem from a place other than your own country (I know... I'm totally rocking the boat here, hay!)? If you do, post it below or you can always Twitter my face @OrisiB I'd love to get hold of some new awesomeness!

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  1. I respect your list for including Sylvia Plath :)

  2. Thanks Ghadeer, do you have anymore additions you can recommend?


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