Sunday, March 24, 2013

...these films are;
          A) In your DVD collection
          B) ...considered, by you, to be the best films EVER

        The movies are not in any particular order... except for number one... number one is number one I'm afraid!

21) SpaceBalls [1987]
You get every reference and find yourself having to explain them to your guests.

20) Fight Club [1999]
You still talk about the ‘twist’ in the movie and regularly compare with acquaintances at what point you ‘clicked’ – or maybe, you’re one of those geeks who say ‘Oh... but the book was far superior’?

19) Seven Samurai [1954]
Oh yes... you love world cinema and regularly say (with a flourish of course) ‘Akira Kurosawa’s film, Seven Samurai, is really not only his greatest film, but... also his most widely known movie on our side of the planet... har-har!’

18) The Cabin in the Woods [2011]
You make everyone you know watch this at least once and watch for their expressions... you then check at the end of the film to see if they ‘got it’.

17) Highlander [1986]
Yes, it’s awful... you agree, but you love it. You love it because it’s about Scotsmen, swords, revenge and the modern world (oh and Sean Connery). You can’t help it... I get it.

16) Zombieland [2009]
I’m afraid if this is on your shelf, there’s no hope for you now.

15) 2001: A Space Odyssey [1968]
You sit with bated breath during the five minute overture at the opening, not allowing anybody to talk or even blow their noses (or like me you stare at the ‘iPad-like’ devices they have in the space ship and pause it to tell everybody about it).

14) Metropolis [1927]
Conversations with you about this film are painful – as you’re convinced you’re the one who discovered it.

13) Shaun of the Dead [2004]
You guffaw at all the right places like a Brit; whilst saying ‘there really is nothing quite like British humour’. You also point out all the foreshadowing in the film to the annoyance of other people.

12) Battle Royale [2000]
Does the following sound familiar... ‘Ha, you liked The Hunger Games? You do know that she totally ripped it off from Battle Royale... a Japanese film from like the 2000s, which was also a manga!’

11) Gattacca [1997]
‘The themes in Gattacca are totally relevant to our very near future’ says you, whilst shaking your fist, convinced that future super-stars will be having their children genetically engineered in the womb etc etc

10) Batman [1989 onward]
All of them.

11) Serenity [2005]
Argh... stop telling me that it used to be a TV Show (Firefly) and all the actors are pretty much up to start the show again and blah blah...

10) 12 Monkeys [1995]
Post-Apoc is a genre that gets your juices flowing. This is required watching.

9) Idiocracy [2006]
When you sit to watch it, you have to be alone... otherwise, your constant spouting of how people have already reached the level of stupidity in this movie distracts those watching with you.

8) Alien Series [1979 onward]
Oh my. To initiate other people to your geekdom you force them to watch this... and the rest for good measure!

7) The Fifth Element [1997]
Another Bruce Willis – you use the fact that he is in this movie, and 12 Monkeys to prove that Willis is just so flexible and one of the best actors of our age.

6) Back to the Future [1985]
This is so geek it’s close to becoming main-stream... but your inner-geek can’t resist, even if you resent it a little.

5) Planet of the Apes [1968 onwards]
The whole damn franchise

4) Dune [1984]
This is another one of those films where you push up your glasses and tut at all the inconsistencies the film has with the novel.

3) Star Wars [1977 onwards]
‘The old ones please, none of those fandangled-fancy ones’, says you, gritting your teeth.

2) Stargate [1994]
You not only love this, but own it... and the whole series too!

...and the number one place goes to...

1) Star Trek [1979 onward]
There is nothing left to be said

Have I missed something? Do you disagree? Has your inner-geek just raged against this list? Let me know! You can message me below or on Twitter @OrisiB

Am I not geek enough?

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  1. Okay, so I don't have all of these but I have many of them. Love Shaun of the Dead, Fight Club, 12 Monkeys and Alien (though I liked Aliens a little better). I am a big geek though and proud of it!!

  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey!!!

    I just watched this film last week for the first time(I know this is an Odyssey in itself being a Kubrick fan) and it is brilliant!

    Excellent post, I share a very similar taste in "geeky" cinema as well and I wouldn't change it for anything!

  3. The Fountain! At least one Aronofsky film has to be on that list, and I vote The Fountain. Oh, and Gattaca is totally a symbolism of our future and I would definitely campaign a Firefly Kickstarter :p Geekdom is awesome!

  4. @ Ali, George and Emma - see, this is why we're all deeply attracted to each other's awesomeness. Geeks have a geeky aura that is so strong that other geeks naturally gravitate towards it... it's like a moth to a flame, bee to honey, a politician to lies... it can't be helped.

    @Ghadeer - if you feel like being welcomed through the pearly gates of geekdom I think you should start with those twenty-one movies... once you're done, I shall be very happy to introduce you to more uber-geeky films... and even cult classics too :D ! Haha!


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