Friday, December 7, 2012

In a Nutshell:
Harry Potter is mysteriously entered in to a Tri-Wizard Tournament by an unknown person. He's under-age  terrified and has the whole school suspicious. He is required to pass three tasks competing with students from other wizarding schools to try to win the cup. The only problem is this... there is a traitor at Hogwarts who is determined to deliver Harry Potter to the ever stronger Lord Voldemorte. 

The Audiobook:
Jim Dale is brilliant at commanding all the different voices in this novel. I'm always amazed that he doesn't get mixed up or forget who is supposed to have what voice. What more, this book features new voices such as Madame Maxine, Igor Karkaroff and Viktor Krum, who have international voices! As usual it is the female characters that suffer the most, as Dale just isn't that good at them... but he's a man, with a deep voice... I'll excuse him just this once!

The Story:

I have to say that this one is quite easily my favourite so far. Rowling is completely in her stride and her writing is exemplary in this instalment (of course I've not finished the others yet, but I'll update you later!). I had a sense in this book that Rowling, from the beginning, had a very succinct plan, and that she knew exactly what was going to happen and when (which I haven't always got a sense of in her other books. Although she did seem in control in The Chamber of Secrets).
I was so very impressed with The Goblet of Fire, and funnily enough it was my least favourite movie of the whole series!  

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  1. It really does seem all very pre-planned in this one!

    1. It's funny because the movie in comparison did not exude confidence, it just kind of fumbled along... but the book is so precise!

    2. It's funny because the movie in comparison did not exude confidence, it just kind of fumbled along... but the book is so precise!

  2. I think The Goblet of Fire was my favorite up to that point. It is where the series really hit its stride and started building towards the finale. I'm glad you are enjoying the series!

  3. Hey Michelle!
    Thanks so much for dropping by.

    I'm really enjoying the series and unfortunately completed it yesterday! I'm slow on the reviews though, haha!

    What was your favourite books once you finished?

  4. I think my favorite book was the last one, although The Half-Blood Prince was phenomenal. I just loved how the series ended, and the battle at Hogwarts left me speechless. What was yours now that you've finished them all?

    1. Do you know what, I'd actually not thought of it, at all.
      Half-blood Prince was very good, I loved the pacing of it! But, now I've finished them all, I still love Goblet of Fire.

      It's odd because when it comes to the movies, my favourite was The Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2, but hated Goblet of Fire.


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