Sunday, May 19, 2013

Did any of you read that article? The's 'Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones'? If not, you may want to read it before reading the rest of my post here... it may just cause capillaries in your nose to explode, resulting in nosebleeds of rage.

This is the most amazing, backwards and Victorianesque piece of writing that I've read in quite a while.

Renata Sellitti has written a post, for men, as to why their girlfriends just hate Game of Thrones. She lumps us all together as hating it because our sensibilities cannot cope with the incest, our ovaries cannot cope with the corporal punishment, our puny little girly-brains cannot follow all the 'intricate' plot details and story lines, and the Mean Girl in all of us just cannot cope with the idea that the show may be watched by people who used to play 'Magic Cards at the Cafeteria. And people who go to Renaissance festivals.'

Who is this lady?

The piece is so condescending, and so, so offensive I just want to clothes-line the hell out of it.

But it doesn't stop with her little discussion on why their girlfriends hate it... oh no, she goes on to advise these men on how to convince their significant other to give it a try. Apparently, according to Sellitti, he should 'downplay the incest', 'tell us about the romantic crap', and apparently the real winner is to tell us about Sir Loras because 'girls love gay guys.' It's just wow!

I'm surprised I can get in to my pyjamas at night without having an aneurysm; because according to this lady, my poor little female brain just could not cope with the task! Every girl friend that I know LOVES Game of Thrones, and I dare say, potentially more than guys I know. I also have at least three girl friends who are currently reading through the series.

The show is full of very, very powerful ladies! We do not see women with as much power in any other show on prime time TV these days. I don't care how you try to spin it, but one of the leads is the 'Mother of Dragons'... she's the khalisi man! Another, is Lady Stark, holy moly, she's cold, beautiful, loving, independent and also loyal. We also have her daughter Arya who is intelligent, quick thinking and leads a bunch of boys out of their prison. Let us not forget the psychotic Queen Cersei who will do anything to keep her son on the throne and protect her family. We also have a lady-knight who can beat the crud out of most of the guys who challenge her.

I'm not saying all women love Game of Thrones. I'm sure there are many who just don't like it, or get it. I can accept that; but I wont accept being lumped in with a bunch of stereotyped women who exist only in the movies Mean Girls and The Hot Chick. 

What do you think? Have you read the original article? Let me know right here, or even on Twitter @OrisiB.

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  1. That article can suck it. I know so many more women that watch GOT than men. My husband is actually the one that gets uncomfortable with all the naked ladies on it, not me. I couldn't care less. More power to a woman who does what she has to in a world like that. And, I could not agree more with you on the powerful women on the show. They rule.

    My little brain has had absolutely no issues with 'keeping up' without a white board and diagram. Maybe I just have superior brain power. Haha...that's laughable.


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