Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am thrilled to announce a visit from the fantastic Ali from Ginger-Read Reviews
We've paired up to bring you a bookish list that is slightly out of the norm. We're not casting characters for wannabe relationships, or our book crushes... no, we're a little more HARDCORE than that. We've cast ten characters from books we've read that'd help us rob a bank. Yes. A good-old fashioned bank heist.

So I'd like to introduce the fantastic Ali. She's awesome, witty, brilliant, a wide reader, and overall fabulous female! You've gotta check out her blog if you've not yet. You won't be disappointed. 
I admit it. I'm her fan girl.

You can find my choice of ten bookish bank robbers over on Ali's blog!


We have all seen many bookish top ten lists everything from; your favorite book boyfriends to your favorite book villains.  But, what if you could cast book characters into your real life.  Maybe you need a superstar team to accomplish a big project at work or perhaps you are getting married soon and want the very best people for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Hmm, maybe that should be a future post. Or, maybe you need to pull off the a huge bank heist. That is the crew we are casting today and I went with a little Set It Off meets Ocean's Eleven feel.  Here is who I cam up with, be sure to check my blog for who Orisi came up with and let us know in the comments who you think would want by your side during a big safe cracking.

The Mastermind ~ Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson; Evil (okay, not really) genius and ruthless when it's needed.  With all her research skills I'm sure she'd come up with the perfect plan.

The Security ~ Rudy from Taking on The Dead by Annie Walls; He uses a bow more often than guns but still a super sharp shooter, usually only target the walking dead but maybe we could get him on our side. Oh, and sexy and who doesn't want a crew of hotties, right?

The Driver ~ Edward from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer; The getaway driver needs to drive well (obviously) and good old Eddie was the first to pop in my mind.  At least he's good for something.

The Safe Cracker ~ Ellie Watts from Sins & Needles by Karina Halle; Not only does she have extensive experience at breaking into safes (not that it always works out to her benefit) but she also knows how to 'clean' money. So, she's doubly needed.

The Distraction ~ Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice; Face it, most bank employees are women and the fairer sex can be easily distracted by a charming man. Especially bored women at a boring job. Sorry to all you bank employees out there but counting money is really BORING! 
The Comic Relief ~ Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke & Bones by Laini Taylor; When you get a group of ten strong personalities together you need a someone to give off some good snarky whit. Zuzana fits the bill perfectly with her petite form but large personality and could also serve as a distraction for any male bank employees as she just demands attention.

The Crew: These are the people with exceptional talents to get in and get out. With butt loads of cash.

Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling; Smart, magically talented, quick on her feet and has experience breaking into (and out of...on dragons -awesome!) the most secure of banks.

Graylee Perez from the Spellbound Series by Nikki Jefford;  Another magically talented creature but with a special talent.  Gray can make herself invisible.  Uh, no-brainer.

Vin & Kelsior from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson; Again, magically talented in a unique way. They are what we call Allomancers and can do miraculous things with just a little bit of metal. Breaking into a bank would be as easy as pie...whatever the hell that means.

And there ya have it. 

Which ten characters would you choose if you were to plan a bank heist? You can comment below, tweet Ali's face @MissAliGirl or even mine @OrisiB .

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  1. I was going to have a fit that Hermione wasn't on the list until I reached her. So relieved now.

    1. Hahaha, awwww, both Ali and I seem to have mega-love for Hermione! Who doesn't?

  2. Awesome list, Miss Ali! Ellie Watts would be my number one go to girl with all things theft related! I love that you put Rudy in there, too! And Edward as the getaway driver? Ha ha! That's Brilliant! I'd probably throw in Camden McQueen, you can never have enough muscle that's easy on the eyes and Perry and Dex (Experiment in Terror) as my distraction team, because those two suck you into their orbit and it's impossible to look(or get)away! I'd probably have Cassie Palmer from Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series there too, she's a Pythia and chief clairvoyant to the supernatural, she can forsee the future and shift time! Definitely useful in a heist!
    I love this crossover idea, girlies! Looking forward to the next one! Orisi, LOVE the blog! I'm a new follower, yay! =D

  3. Cam would be a great addition! I don't think I could let Dex & Perry go out in public though...too much strangeness happens around them, I'd probably end up with more ghosts haunting me than money in my pocket. :)


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