Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday is a Blog-Hop hosted by ParaJunkee and AlisonCanRead

What you have to do is follow the hop, the two hosts (as a courtesy) and then go and discover new and old bloggers! Enjoy their writing, follow them and expect them to do the same for your awesome blog. It is excellent for discovering new reading material and trying to get your writing out there too!

So the question this week is;

Q. We always talk about the books we want. Let's turn this on its head. What books have you given other people lately?

The last book I gave somebody was 'The Hunger Games' I gave it to a seventeen year old girl I was tutoring in English after she finished her final exam as a "congratulations you are free" present. She's not read it yet. She was coming back from a visit to Iran and read the first chapter in the plane... and then promptly fell asleep, haha! I'm sure she'll start reading it soon... maybe.


  1. That's so sweet! I'm sure she really appreciated the gesture and will enjoy the book (although I haven't read the series).

    Jessica @ Literary, etc
    (new follower via GFC & Twitter)

  2. Aww you're a sweetie :) hehe. How could she fall asleep though?!
    Old follower! x

    My Feature and follow post

  3. The Hunger Games is definitely a wonderful gift.
    New follower. This is my FF post.

  4. LOL who falls asleep to Hunger Games? Anyway, Happy Friday!

    Follow That Penguin!

  5. Hi, new follower. Great story! Looking forward to reading your future posts. All the best,


  6. i have a question! How did you do that slideshow thing?

    Old follower

  7. Hey Chyna,
    The slideshow on my home page?
    That style is pretty much in the WordPress style and so I just went and nabbed a WordPress for blogger template :D


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