Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In a Nutshell:
Harry Potter begins the story by almost having his wand taken away by the Ministry of Magic for using magic in front of a muggle. With the Ministry of Magic trying to take control of Hogwarts, and the psychotic Professor Dolores Umbridge being hired as the new defence against the dark arts teacher - Harry Potter has to contend with the ever stronger Voldemorte and the hardest part... puberty!

The Audiobook:
As you guys very well know that Jim Dale is the narrator of the Harry Potter series I'm listening to; and you know what? His Professor Umbridge is eerie. Oh my goodness me, at times I was just finding it all so chilling, especially when listening to it when trying to sleep!

The Story:
This was most certainly the hardest Harry Potter to get in to so far. In fact, I almost gave up because I found it so slow. Harry Potter spends the first 300 pages being whiny, self-indulgent, hormonal and annoying. I would have expected just a tiny bit more maturity (as he's experienced so much of the magical world) towards the changes that come with teenagehood. Maybe I'm not being very understanding, but really? 300 pages of whining!

Anyway, it gets better in the last 300 pages - and Harry Potter snaps out of it and just gets on! 

Of course, Harry faces a major loss in this book - but he manages to try to work through it without winging about it chapter upon chapter!

I really enjoyed the movie adaptation of this book and think they did an excellent job of putting it in to film.

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  1. I agree- out of all the Harry Potter books, this seemed to have the slowest pace. And Harry's character is not at all likeable, although that is meant to be part of the story (an after-math of having his scar linked to Voldemort)

    1. I just found it so frustrating to be honest!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. I just found it so frustrating to be honest!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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