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I think we all have these. They're movies that are not that great. They can be B-movies, or just movies that were made for TV. They're full of bad-acting, plot holes, or just don't really make much sense!

Guilty-pleasure movies are also those films that you will not readily admit to loving. You may admit it to some of your friends, but you won't admit to just any Tom, Dick or Harry. The shame of it may be too much, or you may lose any authority to recommend a movie to anybody again.

I have a few of these. And I hope you'll forgive me my trespasses as I admit, to you strangers, the movies I should hate.... but love!

The Negotiator (1998)

Oh my goodness me. I just absolutely love this film. I can't help it. It's an action film that tastes like a drama. It has the awesome Samuel L. Jackson, and the excellent Kevin Spacey, and they come together in this pedal to the metal conspiracy movie. Jackson's character, an accomplished cop is suddenly implicated in the murder of his best friend... well, I won't go on, but really... it is great!

Roll Bounce (2005)

See, at least with The Negotiator I had a leg to stand on. With Roll Bounce I am shocked with myself and the love I have for this movie. It features five black boys, living in the 70s who love to roller-skate. The skating-disco place they used to practice at has closed down and so they have to start going to another part of town to skate there. Well, to cut a long story short, it all culminates in a massive group skating-competition where the boys compete. And yes, I'm not ashamed to say that it stars Bow Wow, Nick Cannon, Chi Mcbride and even has a couple of scenes with Charles Q. Murphy. 
It. Is. Awesome.

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)

What a CLASSIC movie. I love it. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Do I give this movie too much credit? Yes, I do. But it is cheesy to the max but also so awesome. It stars the brilliant Whoopi Goldberg, Lauryn Hill and who can forget Kathy Najimy? It had Goldberg playing Deloris once again, being asked to take a break from being a Las Vegas show girl, and don the habit as Sister Mary Clarence to save an underfunded Catholic school.

I grew up with this film playing on ITV at least once every month year long, and around Christmas it'd suddenly be on all the time. I would watch it engrossed at every opportunity. And now, as an adult, and although I've not watched it for many years - I still know the songs, the characters and the plot line.

Point Break (1991)

I almost feel like I should not even call this a guilty pleasure, because really, it's an epic film (that may be a little exaggerated but it's still good!). Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze spend most of the movie having whimsical and philosophical conversations whilst surfing, oh, and Swayze and his crew like robbing banks. Oh, and Reeve's character is the cop trying to catch them. It would be a travesty to not have put this on the list.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Remember this? I remember watching this in the cinema and just thinking this was the best thing since sliced bread. I'm now older and wiser, but I still love this film and still love the nostalgia that overwhelms me. This is a classic Shakespeare turned modern movie, taken from the play Taming of the Shrew. It's great. You should love it too.

Dance Flick (2009)

This is the movie that I have to say I am most, most embarrassed to like. I haven't loved or even liked anything from the Wayans Brothers since Scary Movie 1 and 2 (I hated and didn't give time to any after that). But I watched this last month, and as I'd seen all the movies they were referencing, I just got it... and found it funny. Some parts are repulsive - true, and have some super crude moments that you probably will want to fast forward through, but you know, I giggled, and that's why I like it. 

Mean Girls (2004)

This film is one of those movies that I watch and feel guilty watching it. Well, only guilty until I remind myself that the whole point of the movie was not to encourage bitching, back-stabbing and bullying but actually it was (apparently) supposed to be ironic. Even without the philosophy though, the movie is just brilliant. There are moments that are ingenious (scenes where teens enact how situations would be solved in the wild) and moments that just remind you of how it was at school (it wasn't quite as vicious and hyper-sexual at our school, but you still had the little cliques, all wanting to have the last word).

A Cinderella Story (2004)

Kill. Me. Now.
I've realise that I have pretty much lost any credibility. But, yes, this movie is basically Cinderella - but a modern day one of course, with email and text messages and the ultimate goal of university lingering at the end. I know. It's mad - but it's great!

The Little Rascals (1994)

To prove just how much I love for this movie, I admit that I actually own it, on DVD and can see it sat nicely on my shelf. It is full of bad acting, craziness and follow the exploits of a bunch of boys who have a 'no girls' policy in their club. It's all very serious to them, and oh so silly for us grown-ups. Suspend belief, let the humour wash over you - and enjoy.

Tremors (1990)

This is a B-grade movie that is just so awesome. I know, I shouldn't love it as much as I do. It doesn't make much sense, but Kevin Bacon and friends are just so funny! Everything is drab and boring, and then it all becomes so brilliant and exciting. It's a monster movie that I managed to get my young teenage brother to appreciate. It's the same old story... lazy, small American village is attacked by freaky 'Graboids' - worm like mega-beasts that enjoy a feast!

So, here they are. All ten of them. In reality there is probably about 50 but I thought that these ten were enough to have me lose all credibility! 
Give them a try, if you dare! 

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  1. I LOVE 10 Things I Hate About You. I feel the same about all the films that came out in the late 90's such as She's All That, Can't Hardly Wait, etc. You know Tremors is one film I can't watch. I never have been able to sit through it.

    For me: Prince of Thieves, Timeline, and Black Knight. Oh despite a cult classic Army of Darkness. Hmmm the fact all these have a Medieval theme means nothing!

  2. Haha! Sounds like you gotta soft spot for men in tights, hahaha! There really was something wretchedly awesome about those late 90s teen-flicks, they were just so... cheesy!

    I've never seen Timeline, I'll have to put that on my to-watch pile. I want a piece of the action... oh my, I just realised I've not watched Black Knight before either! I must rectify this!


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