Saturday, November 3, 2012

There are some goodies that have come out this year, and continue to come out. Here is a list of a few that I just cannot wait to get my hands on and watch!

This Is Not a Film

The brilliant Jafar Panahi smuggled this film out of Iran on a flash drive, hidden in a cake - and had it delivered to Cannes. I know - this sounds too crazy to be true, but it is. Panahi has been awaiting the result of his appeal, after having been under house arrest for the last six years after making a film that was critical of the Iranian regime. The film records him working within his home and trying, quite desperately, to not only continue with his life as an artist but privately battle the lack of creative freedoms within his country.

Welcome to the Punch

Calling all James McAvoy fans, here's something you need to know about. This movie is currently in post-production and is basically a crime/conspiracy drama with lots of action. McAvoy is a detective (Lewinsky) with one dream... to catch the criminal 'who got away'. When he goes after the Icelandic criminal who has had to pop back to London (because of family issues) Lewinsky suddenly finds himself having to unravel a conspiracy which leads to all sorts of hoo-har! 

The Imposter

This is just one of those stories that are stranger than fiction. Do you remember the French con-man Frederic BourdinThis is a documentary film about the astonishing Bourdin who managed to convince a grief-stricken family that he was their teenage son (even though he had darker skin, different colour eyes etc etc). It has had some amazing reviews and so I've just got to see this for myself!

Oslo, August 31st

This is a heavy plotted film that seemed to be pushed under the rug this summer. The story chronicles the feelings of redemption, loneliness and shame when Anders (a drug-addict) takes a break from his drug-treatment centre to return home to see family and friends. It has been described by Philip French as being 'a cold, detached, very Scandinavian film' - which sounds right up my street!

I shall most certainly let you all know when I finally get around to seeing these!

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