Saturday, September 29, 2012

The majority of my friends who have seen this film, were not particularly impressed. In fact, a few of them looked a little bewildered when I said that I quite liked it.

The movie is set during The Great Depression, in the late 1930s. We're introduced quite quickly to the three main characters (one of which is played by the dashing George Clooney), who have just escaped a chain-gang and are on their way to find McGill's (Clooney) $1.2 million that he'd stolen and hidden. The rest of the movie is quite literally a feast for the eyes as they cross the South and in 'Forest-Gump Style' bump in to figures that lived during that time.

The best part of this movie other than the sheer aesthetics? It's based on Homer's Odyssey, yes, you've heard me right! Maybe this is where I trip over my own geekdom, but for real, they meet a kind-of-Cyclops (John Goodman) and even some kind-of-Sirens (played by three lovely ladies)... this was just awesome! 

Some may not enjoy this movie, as it is not as fast as most Hollywood movies we see today; but to be honest, this was written, directed and produced by the Coen brothers, and so it follows their same quirky and witty style that not everybody will 'get'. It most certainly was fast enough for me.

I spent much of the movie researching who the historical figures were. This may bug somebody to no end, but I enjoy thinking while I watch something, so, I felt that I learnt quite a lot about that era and the people they were bumping in to whilst I watched it (the pause button is my friend). 

O Brother, Where Art Thou? was praised for its soundtrack, and I'm not surprised by that. The Coen brothers seem to have done their best to bring some of their wit, appreciation of the aesthetic, quirkiness and love of music all together in to awesomeness. [Click on the YouTube video below and enjoy a small snippet!]

But even though I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, I finished the movie feeling a little dissatisfied. It was full of action, laughs, and awkwardness, but there was something missing. Because of that, I could only truly give it a 7/10. 

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